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Any advice welcome new member  


Joined:1 year  ago
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19/03/2021 10:18 pm  

Hello I’ve just joined your forum tonight looking for advice and searching the internet for any advice in healing this injury I was badly burnt beginning January when a hot water bottle exploded on me I had it on my tummy trying to soothe my IBS since found out I have coeliac disease so at least something good had come from something bad I have burn injuries to my hip groin and inside both legs luckily I put myself in a cold bath straight after the accident happened had to call for emergency help as I went into shock taken to hospital and burn was treated following discharge was treated by the nurse having silicone dressings applied and changed every few days I’m a few months on now skin is healing but seems to have slowed with the progress skin on the leg that had the worst burn still very re active and feels so sensitive and sore skin very tight I’m massaging and moisturisering the skin 3 times a day doing stretches as have restricted movement in 1 leg I have called the GP for advice and they have said all they can offer me is pain management as the nerves are over sensitive don’t really like the thought of taking more codiene as I’ve already been taking it since January trying to distract myself from the pain in the daytime but nighttime’s are the worst especially as the injury is the inside to both legs and I sleep on my side I know there’s no quick fix to healing an injury like this but any advice I would do appreciate Thankyou millions. Happy weekend to you all X 

Member Admin
Joined:5 years  ago
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22/03/2021 5:58 pm  

Hi Natalie B,

Thanks for posting to our forum and sorry to hear about your burn injury.  Burns can take a long time to fully heal and can be quite painful at times.  I am part of the team here at Adult Burn Support UK but I am not medical so am unable to give you medical advice, however, I will try to point you in the right direction.   

From your post, I’m unable to tell if you received your burns treatment from A&E or from a burns service.   Your burn is quite recent so I would suggest you contact your burn service if that is where you received treatment, or speak to your GP regarding  a referral to the burn service for them to assess your burn.   If you’re having restricted movement as you’ve said, it would be worth having your burn examined by a member of the burns team who would be best placed to advise you regarding appropriate treatment of your burn injury. 

Hope you find this information helpful and I wish you well in our recovery. 

Take care,


Member Moderator
Joined:4 years  ago
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22/03/2021 6:30 pm  

Dear Natalie B,

Sorry to hear of your accident back in January.  It sounds like your body is healing well but unfortunately it takes a long time for the skin to recover and itching is a side effect of healing as is the tingling of the nerve regrowth.  If this is bad you can get prescribed something like Gabapentin to help but not if you are trying to avoid more drugs.  You are doing all the right things in terms of massaging the burned areas regularly and giving the skin as much moisture as possible.  Eat lots of protein to help the skin heal. Have you been fitted for pressure garments? They can help with the over sensitive nerves you are describing.  Unfortunately you need a lot of patience with burns and healing.  Can I suggest you come onto the wednesday night online chat if you are free – 7.30-9pm where burn survivors meet to chat and ask questions and we can have a more interactive chat there.  


Best wishes,




Joined:1 year  ago
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23/03/2021 3:06 am  

I tried to sleep in the position where i can stretch the burn part on my arm. So that when the skin grows, it grows on the whole complete stretched area so will not have restricted movement hopefully. I am still recovering too.  Im not sure if this is of much help. 

May I know what moisturizers work best for healed burns? Without hurting the burned skin? I still dont know when to start to apply

thank you.

Joined:1 year  ago
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30/03/2021 7:19 pm  

Thankyou all for your advice so appreciate it 😊 I will absolutely try to catch a online weds eve be good to chat I’m still massaging in natural aloe gel and stretching skin trying to do some gentle yoga and spending some time on my allotment that way I’m stretching without knowing until I get home and hurt I’m pretty sure it’s doing more good than harm though and mentally I’m feeling better for doing something that I think will help I think I’ll leave it a few more weeks then will contact GP if nothings improving it’s going to need a lot of TLC and time I guess. Thankyou all and will chat soon X 


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