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Suncream & psychological advice  


Joined:5 months  ago
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07/08/2019 3:11 pm  

I burnt my face in Feb this year. Still not coping with psychological effect of seeing damaged face in mirror. Paranoid to go out in day with my kids even with spf 50 on/uv umbrella as advice is to avoid sun 11am-3pm which is when I would normally take them for a day out. Normally such an outdoors person and staying inside as much as possible is making me so depressed. Can anyone recommend the best sun cream (uk). Do you need mineral/broad spectrum, burns unit just said 50? Do you need to avoid the sun as much as possible? Desperate for this whole situation never to have happened. Friends and family just don’t get how difficult it is to not enjoy sunshine. Any help on coping mechanisms gratefully received. 

Joined:1 year  ago
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16/09/2019 4:23 pm  

Hi, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. 

How are you now, as I see it was a little while since you posted? 

I was burned in a gas explosion many years ago in Spain, whilst on holiday.  I received 50 percent burns (mostly to my face and arms).  I was also told by my Health Professionals; Factor 50+.  At the start of my journey, I got prescribed sun screen from my GP; I don’t know if this is a possibility for you?  It was non-perfumed, so that it would not irritate my skin.

This is a great site for support.  Have you joined into the “Live Chat”?  You might find this helpful if you are struggling.

I also have a website and YouTube channel that you might find helpful also:

removed link – links are not allowed and YouTube channel of the same name.

I really hope that you are “getting there”.  It does get easier.

Take care for now, Shell x


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