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Hi I am new.

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Hi My name is Mark. I was burnt in 1975 when I was a baby. I pulled a kettle over me and my mother pulled the t-shirt off of my taking my skin with it. You can almost trace the scars as the water flowed over my hat drown the side of my face under my chin (I was wearing a hat with an elastic chin strap) I wasn’t expected to live but I did. I have burns and skin grafts (70s style) on my neck, Face Chest, shoulder and Back. My arm is deeply burnt near the shoulder. Skin was taken from my legs so they are scared two due to the amount of skin needed. I didn’t lose my ear but that is damaged I was lucky there. And some hair loss but that’s getting less of an issue over time. I have grown up with my scars and that is very different to getting burnt in later life. However, I have been though most things along the way and got the t shirt. Manly mental rather than physical damage. I now know that my accident totally made me who I am. the way it affected the way people interact and I interact with them. relationships , fears of rejection and those people who just cant stop looking and never mention it !! Just ask me please…

I don’t consider myself badly burnt, however some people will have small scars which affect them deeply. I want to be able to discuss any of the issues that people may have and hopefully give a measured response. I would like to give something back. 

Years ago as a teenager , feeling very aware of my scars and girls, I was driving though Devon in the family car. As we passed though one town I saw a girl maybe a couple years older than me. She was burnt in much the same pattern as me shoulder neck and chest from what I could see.  She was strutting down the road in a small strapped top exposing her scars for all to see and didn’t seem to care. I was totally transfixed. I thought she was stunning! we didn’t stop and I never got chance to talk to her. But she made me think if she can do it so can I. I cant say I didn’t care after then but I did strip off go swimming and wondered around without fair from that point. that for me was a turning point. I am interested to hear your stories. 



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Hi Mark, 

Nice to meet you – I am just a bit older than you having been born in 1973 but was burned as a 29 year old.  I am sorry to hear of your accident as a toddler and I am sure you must have suffered over the years from endless procedures and as you say from your message, suffered emotionally too.  Back in those days there were no specialist psychologists to help you navigate your way through lifes trials and tribulations (which lets face it, even without burns is hard enough) but I am glad that you have managed to get yourself to a good place and are keen to give back.  Please come on the chat one wednesday evening if you can 7.30-9pm every wed night so we can chat live and we often have newly burned people coming on the chat needing reassurance and information and support from those burned longer ago..   I had a similar experience to yourself with seeing someone else with burns holding their head up high which gave me the confidence to square back my shoulders and also wear swimsuits and strappy tops and dresses… it didn’t happen over night but little by little.  My burns are down my left side and over my back and stomach.  They took skin from the right side to mend the left…  Hope to speak to you on line either later on or another week.  Best wishes,  Polski

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hi Mark Ace here From Burn Survivor Talks look me up on social media would love to have a conversation some time see what help we can do for each other 

i want to tell you a bit about me i am a childhood burn survivor i was playing with a lighter when i was 3 years old and my jumper cough fire i was Engulfed in flames  receiving 65% full thickness burn the 88% of the upper half of my body i have gone through so much c**p in life it’s unreal to say the least so i have been looking on the forum and saw your post and though we may have a lot to offer each other let’s connect search Burn survivor talks and send me a message  

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Recently had an accident which led me to set fire to myself. I was in a coma for a month. How you pneumonia twice? And a pipe burst how much is leaking into my lungs I had 33% body burns