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Joined:2 years  ago
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14/01/2021 9:40 pm  

I feel like I post a lot here but not always the best at giving advice to others.

What do people think about using lavender on their burns? My dressings are being changed every 3 days so in-between showering and getting the dressings changed I’ve found rubbing lavender lotion onto the burns quite relieving of both pain and itching. Is this recommended? Does anybody else use it?

Member Moderator
Joined:4 years  ago
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21/01/2021 1:20 pm  

Hi Absleath,

I have never used Lavender oil on my burns but I have been told in the past that it is something you can put on a minor burn which have already healed over.. not something that is recommended for open wounds or larger burns.  Not sure if that is helpful and I am not a burn professional.. I would recommend discussing this with your burns team.

Best wishes,


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