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Fresh Burn

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I might be too early to this but was really hoping to seek some preventive advice, based on your experience.
On Sunday, I stepped on a max heat hair straightener and suffered second degree burns to my foot/ankle. 
A nurse popped the blister and now I am on antibiotics as the redness looked to be spreading.
I have no idea whether Savlon gel helps. Whether to keep it covered up or let it air. Or anything else I can do to promote healing and prevent scarring.
I hope, by coming to you early, I might save myself a world of pain later.
Any help appreciated,

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If it blistered, it’s unlikely to scar, as it cant be that deep.(not seen it).but expect it to take a long time to heal. make sure its clean it needs to be covered to prevent infection only until its no longer an open wound, after that let the air get to it. don’t pick at it however tempting it will only take longer to heal become deeper and more likely to scar. Try not to spend too much time in shoes as you what to avoid infection. maybe consider disinfecting your shoes after use to prevent bacteria not before as that may iritate your wound this may help prevent infection.. having said that I am not a doctor and you should seek their advice. 

I have no opinion about the gel…but its different treating an open burn which is your situation right now. And treating a new scar which is the new skin in weeks to come.

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Thanks so much for the reply. Any information on the prognosis is appreciated as the internet is a minefield and the medical advice I’ve received has been all over the place.

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Hi Nylon88

Thanks for posting to our forum and sorry to hear about your burn.  I’m part of the team at Adult Burn Support UK.  I’m not medical but I can try to point you in the right direction.  The internet is a minefield of information as you’ve said and unfortunately, not all of it is accurate.  Many factors come into play that affect how a burn heals and from what we’ve heard from burn survivors over the years, everyone heals differently – what works for one person, may not necessarily work for another person.   

If you have any queries or concerns about your burn or how it’s healing, we would recommend you speak with the medical team treating your burn as they would be best placed to advise you.  

Let us know how you get on and best of luck with your recovery.

Jennf  (ABSUK Team)


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I am a burn survivor myself (not a doctor) but personally would not be putting savlon gel on an open wound.  It should be kept clean and covered until the skin is healed over and then you can use moisturisers and gels to help the skin heal. If it gets weepy or infected please go back to your medical team as you might need an iodine dressing to go under the patch.  Do you have a follow up appointment with the nurse?