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TMI, I know, but I believe in being really honest and tackling things head on. ? It’s fine, everyone poops! Eventually…

My pain meds are caused me some constipation and I’m finding I just don’t feel need to poop. It been at least a week 

I’ve started to wean myself of the pain meds to solve the problem but that going to take some time. I find fresh fruit juice, particularly orange juice, helps generally. 

But I’m still uncomfortable. It’s not as bad as it could be as I’ve had zero appetite since surgery. I’ve had to force myself to eat but that another issue. 

Any other suggestions? I vaguely recall liquorice having a laxative effect as well. 


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Hi Hi Beth

Hi Beth.  How are you?  Sorry that you are having trouble…not the best.  I suffer from IBS, so know the difficulties on this subject.

Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, and WATER!  This is a really important one.

There are various herbal medicines that you can take also.  Give them a look online.

Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon.

Shell 🙂

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orange juice and diet pepsi works for me but it is so uncomfortable so I feel for you.. I remember it well. My last op it started despite eating endless prunes (best from M&S) so I weaned myself off meds.  Pretty sure they can give you a prescription for suppositaries if it gets really bad from the GP..meds to counter the side effects of other meds! A burns life! Hope its better now

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Hi Beth

I think you’re right about liquorice but I like liquorice so that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

Prune juice (Tesco own brand is about £1 a litre)

Beetroot juice about £2.50 a litre

High fibre cereal

Dried figs, dates, raisins or sultanas

Raw veg



Being active.

These are good to help but staying away from “comfort” foods is harder but better.

There are all sorts of laxatives. I use Epsom Salts, I hate the taste but it works well for me.

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There are some great natural stool softners you can try. I got a lot of help from removed link – links are not allowed during the time when I was struggling from constipation. I am sure this will help. Also you can try some ripe banana with warm milk at night. I usually just google to for natural remedies like that.  

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Pain killers doesn’t solve the problem, you have to find the reason which causes this pain, until this problem doesn’t get worse.