Polly Brooks (Miller) – Dan’s Fund for Burns

The need to collate all the different areas of support/medical care on offer through the internet and wider sources was identified through a research project in 2013 funded by Dan’s Fund For Burns, the only independent UK Charity dedicated exclusively to burn-injured adults.  The charity was founded by Polly Brooks (Miller) in 2003 following the terrorist bombings in Bali in 2002, where she suffered burns to 43% of her body.  She understands first-hand the difficulties faced by burn survivors on their road to recovery.  The charity has the advantage of being completely independent of the NHS but has strong connections to the burn services and networks in the UK, other major British charities with links to burns, support groups, burn organisations, research institutions and surgical, scar and therapy experts.  The Adult Burn Support UK website has been generously funded by Dan’s Fund for Burns and it is hoped it will be a helpful resource for anyone affected by burn injuries.

A video message from Polly Brooks (Miller)