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Comfortable clothing?  


Joined:2 months  ago
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22/01/2023 10:27 am  


I want to add here first that I’m new.

Long story short,I knocked over a teacup and i took it down by accident reaching into the cupboard with my hoodie because there was a spoon sitting out of the cup.Screaming in agony.Severe second degree burns from my hip,covering the front of my thigh (width wise) thinning down to the top of my hip.

happened on the 16th of december 2022 and the skin healed around the 10th in January,can’t remember the date exactly but no more bandages!!The skin is healing right now even though the skin is closed over.

My problem is,it’s an awkward area.The underwear crease HURTS.The burn is so sensitive.I can’t bear any touch on it not even material.I’ve stuck to tights and flexible skirts as jeans and such were not recommended by doctors.Understandably so,the jeans weighing on my wound and tearing the skin everytime I remove removed link – links are not allowed  thanks!

I’ll never be able to wear jeans for more than a year.

I am 10000% okay with jogging bottoms as they sit above and the ones i have dont have a tight waistband,fleecey pyjama bottoms,skirts.I’m not okay at all with denim shorts.

I’m stuck for options besides dresses and skirts,I want to dress comfortably too.I do not have much options I think.

Can you recommend what I can wear?

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Member Moderator
Joined:5 years  ago
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24/01/2023 11:26 am  

Dear Beachinthesky,

 Sorry to hear about your burn accident with the scalding tea. It is painful I know but great that you have healed up although as you have discovered your skin will be fragile for sometime to come.  Loose clothing is the best to be honest with joggers and skirts/tights probably the most comfortable.  If you are desperate to wear jeans you could look into buying the jeggings (jean look alike leggings) which will be softer and more flexible on your recovering skin.  The other thing that can help is gel pads on the areas that hurt but you’d probably need to wear tights to keep them in place.. but they keep the skin moisturised and also gives you a slight padding from any chaffing.


I hope some of that helps to protect your new skin whilst it is recovering.  


Let us know how you get on and if anyone else reading here has any other ideas then please feel free to add them!



Joined:3 years  ago
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25/01/2023 6:26 am  

Hi Beachinthesky 🙂

My burn was also a scald burn, so I know how much those hurt!! Mine was on my back, but I have had serious injuries on my hips/thighs that have required stitches, and that I struggled to find clothing to wear while it was healing. The cuts were always pulling open and the clothes would get caught on the stitches, and ya.. not fun. What I ended up doing was buying a pair of cotton tights, and then cutting off the legs to turn them into shorts that would just cover the injuries, and also cutting the waist band off since I also had injuries higher up. The cotton combined with the fact that I had cut off all elastics/seams made them much gentler against the injuries, so I wore them under any other clothing and honestly just wore them as underwear so I wouldn’t have any elastics/seams around the injuries.

I actually did a similar thing with my back scalding when the bandages came off. I found a snug but not tight soft cotton shirt that covered the entire burn area, and cut off all the cuffs, the stitches around the neck, etc., and wore it as protection under other clothing. I hope this idea might help!

Also make sure you keep the area moisturized with a very gentle lotion. It seemed to help as my new skin formed.

Best wishes,



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